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Taking a Break


Since starting out with the first Palace Hen House in 2008, I have designed, built and in most cases delivered over 600 hen houses of various styles and designs to happy customers and hens all over the country.


In that time I've also moved workshop twice, got married, had two wonderful kids and pretty much given up surfing (an unintentional consequence of self employment).


The most recient change is a move back to my beloved South Devon, and a new direction building Oak Framed Houses, for people, not chickens this time.


Therefore I'll be taking a little break from the hen houses for a while. My plan is to continue with a more slimlined range of high end products in the near future, but more as a hobby sideline rather then my bread and butter work.


I also intend to make available some plans for my most popular designs, so you can build your very own hen house, without the need for the countless hours of trial and error that I've put in over the years.


If you would like to get a heads up on when the hen house plans will be available, or would like me to contact you when I'm set up and ready to take the odd commission, please do drop me an email.


Thank you to all those many customers who have chosen one of my hen houses over the years. I trust that it is still serving you and your hens well.


Best wishes