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Handcrafted poultry housing to last a lifetime

We believe our houses have all the key features any hen keeper needs. Their design has evolved from our experience keeping hens for over 30 years. Our priorities here at Tom’s Hen Houses are using top quality materials, making houses that are functional and durable and offering a personalised service.


We only use top quality timber that is locally grown, sawn and tanalised especially for us. For our stock houses we use construction grade roofing materials called Onduline. This has a manufactures guarantee of 15 years and deters red mite. We use corrosion resistant screws and galvanised fixings designed for extended exterior use. Full width rear doors or fully removable side panels and removable floors (depending on model) makes cleaning out really easy.


The elevated design of our free-ranger hen houses allows a comfortable working height for egg collection and cleaning out; provides shelter for the hens from the rain and sun, gives a maximized run area; prevents vermin nesting underneath and reduces the risk of predators getting in.


Rounded perches are at the correct dimension and spacing for hen comfort, and are fully removable for easy cleaning. Sliding pop holes make opening and closing your hen house really straightforward and gives you the option to add an automatic door opener.


We build each house ourselves so we can customise yours to suit your requirements.

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All In One Hen Houses

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Goat House (Small)

Great hen house with integral run attachments. Four sizes from 3 to 12 hens.

Hen Houses with rainwater harvesting;  Goose sheds on wheels; Goat house on skis; Garden sheds, log stores. Give Tom a call to discuss your requirements.